PBS flange protectors double-sided siliconised fiberglass cloth untill 270° (DIN)

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PBS10-16sic 10 Nenndruck 16 Login or register PBS shied for flange in grey siliconed glass fibre cloth size DN10 PN16

PBS flange protectors or shields are used to protect people and/or the environment in case of leaks or "spray out". It's a personal protection in the form of a shield made of PTFE double-sided coated glass fabric (up to 270 ° C). Our PBS shields are a preventative protection for personnel and environment.

They are used in places where leaks of aggressive media or liquids at high temperatures or pressures pose danger.

The PBS shield is not a sealant but helps to keep leakage under control in a safe manner.

Flange protectors from double-sided siliconised fiberglass cloth apply to situations up to 270 °, they are close with velcro and are tightened with little cords.