Inox flange protectors type "I" untill 1000° (INCH)

Article code Size (inch) Pressure Price
FBI-I-MN-150-1/2 1/2" ASA 150 Login or register Inox flange protector type "I" with connecting nipple 1/2" ASA 150

DB & C ° offers a whole range of flange protectors that can be used in many different setups. They are mainly used for the protection of people and the environment in case of leaks or "spray out".

In industrial and other installations of pipelines subject to weather influences, there are often flange connections that form a problem for proper maintenance. In practice, the gaps of these flange connections and the connecting bolts or studbolts aren't well maintained. As a result, the bolts or studbolts weaken due to corrosion over time and the underlying constructions show signs of wear due to leaking rust water.

For safety reasons, flange connections in piping systems for acids, alkalis or others which endure pressures higher than 1 bar are best protected. In case the flange connection is unprotected and a leak or a break in the seal takes place, the medium will be projected outwards in a sharp radius and cover a large field of activity.

The danger for personnel is obviously very high. Such dangerous situations can be avoided by placing a flange protector. The aforementioned problem can be solved by using the flange protector without an inner sheath and resistant to 1000 ° C. It is possible to provide the entirety with a detection nipple.